Explorer lectures at French-American school

Dr. Jean-Louis Etienne poses with students after his lecture at the San Diego French-American School.  Photo: CourtesyFrench explorer Dr. Jean-Louis Etienne recently presented a lecture, “The Critical Role of the North and the South Poles in Climate Change,” recently at San Diego French-American School. The lecture was based on the scientific research he performed while on his 40-day solo expedition to the North Pole in 1986, the first person in the world to accomplish such a mission.

His research indicates that 20 years ago, the North Pole was a continuous white mass, but now it is now spotted with areas of water. An analogy regarding the role of the poles in climate change resounded in the audience: “Someone left the door of the fridge open, so the cold is being released; and in the freezer, the ice is melting.”

Etienne also gave an inspirational message to the youth who were present, as he talked about perseverance and how children, like adults, need to persevere and live their dream.

He is living in La Jolla for a year with his wife and children and pursuing his research on an oceanographic platform in collaboration with the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.