Everett Stunz fine bedding and linens gets new space

Everett Stunz, the crème-de-la-crème of fine bedding and linens in La Jolla, just moved into a larger showroom space with more panache.

A La Jolla landmark for 44 years, Everett Stunz Co., San Diego’s original adjustable bed store, now resides at 7616 Girard Ave., a commercial space last inhabited by Glorious Antiques. That space, in turn, has been a bank, a furniture store and an antique shop.

Phil and Nicki Coller, owners of Everett Stunz now for two years, have completed a transformation of their business with their new, completely remodeled space. “We felt we needed to upgrade the image of our store,” said Phil Coller, “get more street appeal and find some more space.”

The improved bed, bath and linen business is now perfectly positioned in its new location. Said Phil Coller: “We expect to get 10 to 20 times more street visitors just because everybody going north comes down Pearl to Girard.”

Everett Stunz’ new, open and airy showroom is about 75 percent bigger than its previous site, sporting 50 feet of window frontage presently filled with a full bedroom set that has heads turning. “On a Sunday recently, we had at least six people stop off in their cars and take a picture of our storefront,” noted Coller.

The cornerstone of Everett Stunz’ business continues to be its exclusive line of DUX beds from Sweden, complemented by an exhaustive collection of the finest home linen resources in the country and cyberspace. Since 1926, Swedish-made, state-of-the-art DUX beds have been produced scientifically blending healthful sleep and comfort. The patented DUX sleep system employs a two-layer base made of Swedish steel springs.

Coller talked about what’s key to the DUX bed’s quality. “The only thing you should be looking for in a bed is support,” he said. “Whatever way you get that is the right way to go. The DUX bed just gives you more opportunities to get there than any other bed.”

Located off Everett Stunz’ new entryway is a showroom featuring the adjustable DUX beds and their top-of-the-line electronically controlled model, which allows each side of the bed to be adjusted individually by remote control.

The patented DUX spring system is used in trains, boats and hotels in Europe. The resilient bottom layer in the DUX system absorbs even the most forceful movements. The upper layer is more flexible and conforms to the body providing support where it’s most needed. The top layer of natural latex and inner layers of cotton padding are also designed to provide 20 years of comfort.

“The DUX king has 4,200 springs, five times the maximum of any other bed, which is about 800,” pointed out Coller. “That’s what gives you the support. No matter how much you roll around, you’re always in contact with the bed. Once a customer has slept in a DUX bed - they never go back.”

What’s new at the updated Everett Stunz? The changes are far from cosmetic. For one, the fine bed and linen store’s new showroom has a special room with a humongous mirror and a chandelier featuring the latest and greatest in ladies nightwear. And, there have been other additions, too. “We’ve broadened the range of linens and bedroom decor, as well as bath accessories, soaps and lotions,” said Phil Coller.

Coller added a bed that moves with a person’s body is especially important, given the fact that a person moves, on average, 80 times a night, 10 times an hour, during sleep. “Every six minutes a normal person will move,” he said. “That’s how you keep circulation going in your body.”

Sales manager Cori Faulkner, who’s worked for the company for 17 years, talked about other new developments in the linen industry that are now staples of Everett Stunz’ product lines.

“The newest thing are the new eco-friendly fibers - bamboo, Italian wood fiber,” Faulkner said. “The fabrics we carry are all-natural, clean, earth-friendly. We don’t carry any blends. If it’s a blend, it’s an all-natural combination. We don’t carry polyester or any other synthetic fibers.”

Faulkner has made a career out of high-end bed and linen retail, partly because she likes the creative aspects of the profession. She also likes working with people. Everett Stunz has been such a fixture in La Jolla over the years, Faulkner thinks of her customers as family. “I know the customers, the customers know me,” she said. “I’ve worked with generations. My mom used to help their parents, and now I’m helping their children and their children’s children. It’s really cool.”

Merchandise is out in the open and much more easy to view. The store is also now divided into special sections, including a baby section and a pillow section, which has displays showing the differing sizes and textures of down used to fill pillows. Coller pointed out Everett Stunz uses hypoallergenic materials, or hypallergenic covers, in its pillows which not only protects people from allergies but excludes dust mites, which can be a major problem.

Everett Stunz’ business is about 75 percent local, within a 20-mile radius of La Jolla, and about 25 percent tourist. Time-honored products like Swedish DUX beds are name-driven and something people are willing to travel far to get.

DUX Swedish beds sold at Everett Stunz range from about $4,000 for a queen size, to about $12,000 for the top-of-the-line king-size bed. Though that might seem like a lot of money, it’s not when you consider that the product can last upwards of 30 years. “It comes out to about $1 a day,” said Coller.

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