Evans’ sixth- and seventh-graders learn on iPads

From Evans School Reports

The Evans School in La Jolla unveiled the 4th generation iPad for its students in grades six and seven.

“Class notes and assignments are all kept in folders on the iPad now and students are learning keyboarding as well,” said Rimma Breeze, IT administrator and parent of Augie and Julian Breeze.

“In addition to the one-to-one iPad rollout for our upper-school students, we also have a complete classroom set of iPads to be shared among our lower-school students. It is such a joy to see the results of all of our behind-the-scenes work reflected in the smiling faces of our students as they dive into their studies using these fantastic learning tools.”

Sixth-grade science buff, Arthur Champion, said he sees a real benefit to the iPads. “It is so cool to be learning about cells and DNA and golgi bodies, especially when right in the middle of the cellular theory discussion we click on to see an amoeba eating two paramecia,” he said.

Sixth-grader Marcus Wooley added, “We can now look at the Periodic Table and click on any of the elements and view it live, in motion, from every single angle. The detail is amazing.”

Breeze said the iPad roll-out is part of a broader technology initiative at The Evans School for the 2012-13 academic year. “To date, we have implemented a refreshed and robust website including a parent portal, infrastructure upgrades to improve connectivity, and the Google Apps for Education platform to facilitate our educators’ collaboration and communication.

“For the remainder of the year, we anticipate supplementing our achievements with iTunes U courses developed by our teachers, iBooks authoring for students and more. With the iPads in the classroom, we are excited to see what our students will be able to accomplish. We are thankful for the leadership of Gale Baer and Gay Dixon to make this a reality for our students.”

What is an iPad?

■ The iPad is a line of tablet computers designed and marketed by Apple Inc., primarily as a platform for audio-visual media including books, periodicals, movies, music, games, apps and web content. Its size and weight fall between those of smartphones and laptop computers.

■ The iPad runs on iOS, the same operating system used on Apple’s iPod Touch and iPhone, and can run its own applications, as well as iPhone apps.

■ Price for a new iPad 2 starts at $399.