The Endless Benefits of a Smart Home


It may have seemed like ages ago that our phones and cars became “smart”, and now it is time for our homes to do the same. The benefits are just too many to ignore. Nowadays, smart homes are being built from scratch, often with automation being a key design goal, but that’s not the only way to achieve a fully automated house. Smart homes are also constructed in existing homes during renovations. And not to worry if you don’t think of yourself as tech-savvy. The features are simple enough for any homeowner to use and enjoy. Here are several of the main benefits of turning your home into a smart home:

Save Money

One of the greatest benefits to having an automated home is the money you’ll save. With smart bulbs you can regulate light usage, so gone are the days of accidentally leaving lights on in unused rooms. Also, with smart thermostats, your home’s temperature can be regulated to maximize efficiency when cooling and heating. Lastly, smart homes can ensure that appliances and entertainment devices are only on when being used. A smart home more than pays for itself in what you’ll save each month in lower bills.

Added Security

Smart homes do a much better job at preventing home intrusions than the manual security systems of the past. The technology is also able to warn residents before they return home if there is a potential threat on or in the property. Cameras are able to be monitored even when you are on vacation and are also linked to the local police and fire departments. Smart smoke detectors can be made to turn on lights, unlock doors and alert the fire department all in an instant. Additionally, systems can be linked to the city’s warning system to receive advanced warnings of any natural disasters. Finally, home security can even be upgraded by the little things: traditional lock and key doorknobs can be replaced with key cards or fingerprint identification for additional safety.

Environmentally Conscious

It certainly isn’t news to anyone here in California just how precious our natural resources are. And one of the biggest things you can do to help is automate your house to maximize resource efficiency. Just as you are saving money with features previously mentioned like smart bulbs, smart thermostats, and smart appliances, you are also protecting the environment at the same time you are saving money. This benefit extends to your yards as well. Smart irrigation systems can monitor water usage to ensure water is not being wasted.

Additional Benefits

Money, energy and security are not the only benefits of a smart home:

  • Automated homes are also extremely beneficial for elderly care and extending independent living for many. Smart features can monitor medication, track caloric intake, call 911, and also be sure lights and appliances are not accidentally left on.

  • Entertainment is also taking big advantage of the technology. With home entertainment systems becoming fully automated, TV, music, and the internet can now be accessed from anywhere in the house with just a push of a button.

  • Making your home a smart home is also increasing its resale value. All of the automated features mentioned above are great selling points for potential buyers and will give you the edge over out-dated, conventionally-run homes.

  • Convenience. The simple convenience of controlling and monitoring all of your home’s systems from your phone or tablet will make your busy life that much easier. And for many features (thermostat, lighting, appliances) once you properly program them, they simply take care of themselves with no additional thought or work from you required.

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