Editorial: Questioning some recent decisions

What were they thinking when …

… the contractor upgrading the circuits and wiring on the 82-year-old street lighting system along Prospect was allowed to shut down a lane on Torrey Pines Road in the middle of the day without warning anyone.

Promote La Jolla’s Tiffany Sherer, who has stayed on top of the project to alleviate the impact on Village merchants during the project, heard most of the complaints on the first days of the project.

She stepped in and worked with PLJ members, city officials and the contractor to find a way to do the work without such a major undertaking affecting rush-hour traffic.

… the lights were out at the Throat just after 8 a.m. Monday and the officers from the lone police car on the scene were climbing the signal box trying to figure out how to get it open instead of directing traffic. It took two hours to fix the problem and later there was still no help with traffic control.

… four young men decided a Jet Ski tour business at La Jolla Shores would go over well with the community.

They posted a sign in a Shores market and then went about the approval process.

After listening to a room filled with Cove swimmers and others concerned about safety and noise, the La Jolla Shores Association roundly rejected the idea. They deserve a big pat on the back for listening and acting sensibly.

… SANDAG says “violent” crime has decreased to a 25-year low and then says rape has increased.

Isn’t rape a violent crime?