Editorial missed its mark for the local merchants

By Joe LaCava

La Jolla resident

Regarding last week’s editorial (It’s time for merchants to speak up): While I share the concerns raised, the well-intentioned suggestion is misguided and points to exactly the reason that the thresholds for dissolution are so high. Interim lapses and frustrations are no reason to throw out a structure that is fundamentally still the best way for merchants to work together for their common good.

I find it ironic that the editorial pointed merchants to the organization that has the least ability to solve their current challenges. If merchants are concerned they should focus their limited time to attend public meetings by going to the meetings of Promote La Jolla and the La Jolla BID (which met the day before this week’s edition.). Those two organizations are the appropriate and most effective venues to air their concerns and start participating in open and pro-active decision-making.

By the way, when was the last time there was an e-blast to the merchants encouraging them to attend those meetings? But I digress.

The merchants need to see through the rhetoric, get past the discussions about this or that organization, and start working together in their best interests.

La Jolla is blessed with amazing natural attributes and is similarly blessed with an abundance of extraordinary human capital. Let’s start using that to our community’s best advantage. I look forward to a day when we once again have three strong organizations working cooperatively side by side, each operating within their individual strengths and missions to the benefit of residents and merchants alike.