Eco-Friendly Window Treatments: Design That Saves Money, Looks Stylish

By John Harrison, Hunter Douglas Master Installer/Residential Motorization Specialist

Going green at home is easier than you might think. While most consumers are good about recycling, using energy-efficient light bulbs and replacing old appliances, most don’t know the benefits that eco-friendly window treatments can introduce to your home. In addition to beautiful design, window treatments that aim for reduced energy consumption can also lead to greater savings – and that means more money in your pocket over the long-haul.

Without energy-efficient treatments, as much as 50 percent of heating and cooling costs are lost through windows according to Hunter Douglas. When we begin to think not only in terms of energy savings, but in the financial cost of bearing uncovered windows, eco-friendly design becomes the obvious choice.

Insulated Window Treatments

In Southern California, we may erroneously think that our homes don’t need insulated window treatments, usually equating these types of coverings to winter cabins and snowy cities in other parts of the U.S.

But the truth is that even though we may enjoy beautiful, year-round sunshine, it’s precisely the sun that we ought to protect against. In other words, the sun can be our greatest enemy when it comes to energy consumption. Air conditioners are used more often when windows are left to the sun’s mercy and our precious belongings like paintings and furniture may also lose value as the sun zaps colors or ruins fabrics. Insulated window treatments aim to not only protect your home, but reduce its carbon footprint in the process.

Honeycomb shades

are an excellent choice when it comes to energy efficiency and beautiful design. Honeycomb shades were first introduced by Hunter Douglas in 1985 and continue to be in high demand thanks to its timeless design and its fully economical functionality. Triple layers combat the sun, leading to increased savings when it comes to energy consumption. The new, state-of-the-art patented Duette Architella design is exclusive to our store in this market and is a must-see for anyone looking to go green and stay stylish in the process. As a Hunter Douglas Master Installer – one of the very few throughout the country – we can help you choose the correct honeycomb shade for your home.

Solar Heat Control

In La Jolla, we have the beauty of the ocean nearly all around us. And for the lucky few who also get to enjoy ocean views from home, nothing can spoil it quicker than window coverings.

With 20 years of experience backing up our expertise, we at Arrowhead Floor & Window Coverings understand the concept of preserving views – and energy. With common sense in mind, we offer solar heat control that won’t diminish the view.

Solar shades

are an excellent option in this case, reducing the amount of solar heat that passes through the window, measured as “Solar Heat Gain Coefficient” or SHGC, while preserving the view.

Motorization can be added to solar shades to improve convenience and functionality. Automation ensures that shades are drawn at the precise time when the sun is its strongest using sophisticated solar sensors. Best yet, you don’t even have to be home to pull the shades. It’s completely automated, bringing these window coverings to the top of their class.

When SHCG levels are lowered, your home’s interior is better protected against the element of the sun while also reducing the warmth of the room. Your interior space is optimized, cooled and controlled while still offering a spectacular view without compromise.


To increase daylight in a room with the use of window coverings may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s very possible with the use of Silhouette window coverings. When light is diffused properly, it can actually be drawn into a room with the use of the sheer window coverings. Because you can also direct light to where it needs to be, you can reduce energy costs associated with artificial lighting.

Silhouette window shades

offer light control, privacy, UV protection and beautiful, simple and modern style. When light management and décor is of utmost importance, Silhouette remains the best choice in treating windows while being a simultaneously eco-friendly choice.

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