Eco friendly animal care: how environmentally friendly practices contribute to safer, healthier pets and communities.

By Lidja Gillmeister, DVM

Humane and compassionate animal care is essential to successful veterinary work; but as community healthcare providers, it behooves veterinarians to implement

environmentally friendly practices

into their hospitals as well. A veterinary hospital is first and foremost a hub for pet owner education, disease prevention and expert medical treatment. However, as stewards of better health and well being, veterinarians can set an example that extends beyond the basics – and inspire safer, greener and more sustainable communities through the use of eco-friendly business strategies.

When it comes to pet care, there are many sustainable and environmentally sound steps that pet owners can take to ensure the best possible quality of life for their animals. From high quality pet foods, treats and toys to non-toxic cleansers and simple, clean living environments, individuals have many opportunities to help their pets eat, sleep and play better. Veterinarians can help facilitate green living by providing eco-friendly options for their clients; and with small steps like in-office recycling and paperless billing and bookkeeping, a veterinary hospital can become a premier green business environment for the betterment of the community at large.

Green business practices and superior pet health care at La Jolla Veterinary Hospital

With spring in the air and Earth Day just around the corner, our team at La Jolla Veterinary Hospital is proud to announce our paperless office initiative – the latest in our efforts on behalf of a healthier planet and enhanced client convenience. As a green medical facility, we strive to reduce waste and soften our environmental impact in everything we do: and our new paperless system will both increase efficiency and decrease our carbon footprint.

For devoted animal lovers, a veterinary hospital is an important place: a healing and nurturing environment, and one in which both pets and people alike should feel comfortable, nourished and at ease.

La Jolla Veterinary Hospital

works hard to embody this philosophy, from the waiting room to the exam room and even at our La Jolla Pet Resort boarding facility. We are passionate about preventative health care for your treasured pets, and remain committed to fostering vibrant wellness in our local San Diego community. To learn more, schedule an appointment or simply come in to our

La Jolla veterinary clinic

and familiarize yourself with our friendly staff and talented medical team, contact us online today: