Eagle Scout aids church


Boy scout Taylor Roy Fee recently completed a meditation garden at the Congregational Church of La Jolla on Cave Street as part of his Eagle Scout project.

Before the garden dedication, Congregational Church minister Sam Greening gave a sermon on the song by Joni Mitchell, “Woodstock,” that talks about getting back to the garden.

Greening also spoke about the fact that humans come from the earth and will go back to the earth and that the earth itself is made from the stuff that stars are made of, and so we are stardust as well.

The garden dedication was attended by many scouts from Troop 506, including scout master, Clark Smith, and various members of Taylor Roy’s family, including his grandfather, Jack Talbot, were present.

Taylor gave a short speech to those who had assembled about how he went to the Congregational Church as a young boy and now enjoyed the opportunity to give back in this way.

The project included gutting a withered bunch of plants, making an irrigation ditch, putting in a sprinkling system, building a bent lamination archway with a cross for a focal point, building a new gate, and planting several dozen plants, bushes and trees.

Taylor Roy is the son of Mary Talbot Fee, currently president of La Jolla Kiwanis Club.