Driver plows into car from ‘Basic Instinct 2’ at Symbolic

A rare sports car from Symbolic Motor Car Company has seen better days, much better days, than it did last Thursday when it was struck on La Jolla Boulevard.

The car, a Spyker C8, was featured in the new Sharon Stone film, “Basic Instinct 2.” On March 30, it was being loaded into a truck in front of Symbolic to be taken to a premiere event for the film when a driver heading north on La Jolla Boulevard made a sudden left turn, striking the Spyker and knocking it off the loading ramps.

Chris Peterson of Symbolic said he believed the driver who caused the accident did it on purpose.

“He stopped, looked at the car and the truck driver, turned and plowed right into the car,” Peterson said.

The man was arrested and will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon, Peterson said.

“He just missed the truck driver by inches,” he said.

The vehicle is worth about $300,000 and sustained about $25,000 in damage. The incident caused a significant traffic disturbance on La Jolla Boulevard as the 1980s-model Mercedes that hit the Spyker sat perpendicular to the curb, blocking the southbound lane.