Draper Avenue home riddled by shotgun fire


A La Jolla resident awoke Thursday, June 28 to find two windows of the home he rents on Draper Avenue looking like “Swiss Cheese,” with shards of glass scattered on the floor.

San Diego Police officers responded to the incident shortly after 9 a.m. June 28, retrieving five shotgun pellets from the home and a plastic casing from the front sidewalk.

Though the gauge of the shot was not readily identified, San Diego Police Lt. Andra Brown said the perpetrator likely fired birdshot, or BBs, given the flatness of the pellets retrieved.

The discharge entered two windows in a guest bedroom at a front corner of the home, and also pierced some plants and a rain gutter. The plastic casing, which holds the pellets, was found about 18 feet from the windows.

Brown said the casing can travel as far as two yards after being discharged with the shot.

“It wasn’t fired very far from that location (the sidewalk) — maybe from across the street,” Brown said.

Though there are no suspects, a detective from San Diego Police’s Northern Division has been assigned to the case.

Martin Morwski, the renter who discovered the damage, said he awoke at about 7 a.m. to find the bedroom he has previously rented shot up with holes as large as a half dollar in size.

“Nobody was there when it happened, luckily,” said Morwski, noting that the incident may actually have occurred a day earlier.

“I have come to learn from a neighbor just today that it was actually like that the day before,” he said. “I didn’t notice it, because I hadn’t been into that room the previous night.”

Morwski said there have previously only been reports of “mild vandalism” in the neighborhood and some activity by “rambunctious” and “unsupervised” teenagers.

“I don’t really have any enemies or anybody who would have cause to do that,” he said.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to phone SDPD’s Northern Division at (858) 552-1700 or San Diego County Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477.

--Pat Sherman