Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong to discuss curing cancer in the era of genomics and proteomics in La Jolla

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong
Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong

From UCSD Extension Reports

The UC San Diego Helen Edison Lecture Series and the Center for Ethics in Science and Technology will present Patrick Soon-Shiong, M.D. on the topic, “Are We On the Path to Curing Cancer in the Era of Genomics and Proteomics?” 5:30-7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 5 at The Scripps Research Institute Auditorium, 10640 John Jay Hopkins Drive, La Jolla. The event is free. Seating is limited. Registration is encouraged at

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong and his multi-disciplinary team at Nantworks aim to revolutionize how cancer is diagnosed and treated.

In this third program of the “Emperor of All Maladies” series, Soon-Shiong will describe his vision of how to integrate super computing, cloud computing, genomic analysis, and targeted drug development by transcending the genome to the proteome, to manage an individual’s cancer as a chronic but controllable disease.

Through advanced rapid gene sequencing, supercomputing, proteomic analysis, and a high-speed fiber optic network he has analyzed genomic data and transcriptomic data from tumor samples within minutes, then validated the predicted abnormal protein pathway by targeted proteinomics from laser dissected paraffin embedded tissue.

This is the first comprehensive omic analysis of tumor and normal cells from the same tissue sample. This approach has the potential to redefine how cancer is diagnosed and is making it possible to develop therapies precisely tailored to the molecular profile of a patient’s tumor based on quantifiable protein analysis at the atomolar level.

Soon-Shiong anticipates an R&D revolution in drug development, and delivery of molecularly designed cancer treatments to patients. For this program, he will discuss the challenges and possible solutions for the collection and use of large amounts of data, and redefining cancer care based on molecular driven decisions.

The 2013- 2014 Exploring Ethics series is set around “The Emperor of All Maladies,” a Pulitzer-prize winning book highlighting historical, social, medical, and scientific perspectives on cancer.

Moderator: Razelle Kurzrock, M.D. Murray Professor of Medicine Sr. Deputy Center Director, Clinical Science Director, Center for Personalized Therapy & Clinical Trials Office, Vice Chief, Division of Hematology & Oncology UC San Diego — Moores Cancer Center.