Dr. Ismaj’s specialty: ‘Teeth-in-a-day’


Dr. Israel Ismaj has returned to La Jolla, bringing along a procedure he said local residents will find nowhere else: Teeth-in-a-day.

“In one single office, we place as many implants as we need to replace all your missing teeth, and at the same time, you get temporary teeth screwed into those implants on the same appointment. Nobody in La Jolla does it, nobody,” said Ismaj, who has practiced general dentistry since 1972 after being educated in the UCLA dental program.

A dental implant is a small, titanium post surgically placed in a person’s upper or lower jawbone acting as a substitute or replacement tooth root until a dental prosthesis is applied at the end of the implant process.

Ismaj said his one-day procedure is a distinct improvement over traditional implant methods.

“In the old days you had to wait months before you could get implants to replace missing teeth,” he said, noting the wait was four months to get implants and another four months for those implants to heal, 8 months to a year’s time.

Nowadays, Ismaj said, by X-rays and other scanning methods, “we’re able to identify where the existing bone is, so we place the implant right there and we fabricate temporary teeth on the same day.”

Ismaj said the cost of the dental implant procedure he specializes in and has performed on more than 300 patients, varies with the number of teeth involved and the complexity of the procedure. He confers with clients and, after X-raying their teeth, he says he can tell them whether they qualify for the “teeth-in-a-day” procedure.

Ismaj does only Teeth in a day procedures offering complimentary consultation and x-rays by appointment.

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