Don’t be a target


This isn’t a very pleasant subject, but a very real one:

Be aware of your surroundings. When jogging, walking, biking in remote areas, exercise the “Buddy System” — safety in numbers. Attach rear-view mirrors to protective head wear, as many bicyclists do. Avoid distractions such as iPods, which prevent you from being aware of your surroundings. Have your cell phone with you at all times with quick-dial to police, 911, rangers, your family, etc.

Be proactive. Work with your local public/private schools, police departments, martial art schools and develop a self-defense program, for young and old. Not only are you empowering yourself, the community becomes more cohesive — the true meaning of community.

Common sense is the best solution: Instituting new laws is not the solution to this ever-growing nightmare. It’s time-consuming until the laws pass, it’s costly, and more importantly, it is not a deterrent to these sick and demented individuals.

Take action. Be aware. Be empowered.

Maria Quehenberger

University City