Discovery and creation improves one’s life


Imagine discovering a new, previously unknown surf break.


magine discovering a new, improved way of doing the same old surfing maneuver.

Imagine discovering a new understanding, a new perspective a different way of looking at the same thing.

What would you do with your discovery? What if you suddenly discovered a power so great, you could become ruler of the entire surfing world. What would you do?

Discovery generates creation. It is not enough to discover, it’s what you create with your discovery that matters most.

Children are constantly exploring, always eager to learn and to find out about the unknown. The more a child discovers about himself and the environment around him, the more opportunities his life will have.

When a baby discovers he can walk, he begins to create the direction he wants to go. As he discovers and learns, his consciousness and awareness increase and his whole world of possibilities broadens.

Babies continually discover new things because they continually look at things through new eyes and a sense of wonderment. All life is a mystery just waiting to be revealed.

There can be a tendency to slow down this inquisitive nature as children get older. It’s when people lose their curiosity and desire for discovery that life seems limited, mundane or even boring.

The ability to create and generate wanes and the feeling of really being alive can go flat. How exciting can the world be if you already knew everything there is to know? Knowing that there is always more to learn is what keeps life fresh and exciting.

To lead a healthy and productive life, humans must constantly learn and grow by discovering new things. We learn as we discover. We grow as we use our discoveries.

A musician begins to create music with his discovery when he discovers a certain musical scale. He can create myriads of different tunes with just a few notes.

When a beginning surfer discovers how to maneuver on the waves, he begins to have more control of the rides he creates. Discovery lends itself to invention.

People will look at something the same way 10,000 times for 10,000 years and then, suddenly, some enlightened person discovers a completely different way of looking at things, a new perspective, an epiphany.

The discovery of fire has changed mankind forever, as have the discoveries of electricity and the invention of computers.

More important than the discoveries of mankind is what mankind has created with newfound information. With discovery comes choice and creation. We can use information learned from discovery to destroy or build, to tear down or improve - the choice is up to us.

All human experience, in essence, is a journey of discovery.

We discover through adversity just how strong we are, just how much character we really have. We discover how much faith we have during life’s greatest challenges. Some fold, some give up, while others come through with flying colors.

All the answers, cures and solutions for mankind and your personal life are already here. They are just waiting to be discovered.

In life, many people mistakenly believe circumstance and chance determine their success. Just as advanced surfers discover that they alone create their worst wipeouts as well as their best rides, everyone sooner or later learns to take responsibility for their own life.

While circumstances, outside events and other people can have an effect on a person’s success, it is more important how a person reacts to these factors.

If a surfer wipes out, he cannot blame the wave. After all, he chose the wave and decided what to do.

No one else holds the keys to a person’s success. No event can keep a person from succeeding. You alone hold the key to your own destiny.

Discover just how powerful a person you are. Push the limits and you will exceed all boundaries.