Digital media in education: harnessing technology to advance student achievement


By Kevin Yaley, Head of Francis Parker School

Digital tablets -- heralded as a revolutionary innovation only a few short years ago -- are today an overwhelmingly popular and increasingly ubiquitous trend among tech-savvy companies and individuals alike. The intuitive power of such products has propelled them from boardrooms to local businesses – and inspired a growing interest in the benefits of

digital media in education

as well. According to a recent article in

The Atlantic

, entitled “The Case for Social Media in the Classroom,” digital media has become a critical tool for effective education in today’s society – one without which students will not be able to communicate on a global scale.

Fortunately, some independent schools have already begun to incorporate technologically advanced and social media-driven tools into their curricula, providing both an essential opportunity to students and an effective example for fellow educators. As a forward-thinking leader in the realm of college preparatory education, Francis Parker School believes that fluency in digital media is essential to a diverse and well-rounded contemporary curriculum in today’s swiftly changing world. By integrating the latest technology into our students’ experience at Parker, we strive to realize one of our core missions: to bring the outside world into the classroom, take our classrooms out into the world, and prepare students to serve as informed and effective leaders of tomorrow.

Innovations in digital education – and a new era for today’s students

Gone are the days in which students could get by with essay writing and research skills alone. Today, communication via blogs, podcasts and even Twitter have taken on an equal and sometimes even greater power to effect change and encourage sharing across borders of all kinds; and with that power comes the necessity of understanding, fluency and responsible use among everyone from children to teachers to global leaders. By teaching with a wide variety of media, we can introduce our students to cultural differences, communication pathways and shared ideas firsthand – and encourage a broad outlook on the world in the process.

As far as the mind can see: the future of literacy at Francis Parker School

At Parker, we are committed to providing our students with an education that will prepare each to excel in the 21


century. One of those essential skills is literacy. As readers, writers and speakers, Parker students must develop a technological literacy that will allow each to work collaboratively in our digital age, to create, analyze and evaluate multimedia texts and information, to conduct research in real-time on current events, and to design and share information in a global society. Through our constantly evolving K-12 technology program, students at

Francis Parker School

will enter their world with the technical and digital literacy that will allow them to go as far as the mind can see. Learn more about our renowned

private school in San Diego

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