Diabetes patient takes ride for Tour de Cure

By Alexis Pollak

Guest contributor

My name is Alexis Pollak, and I am a compliance analyst for Amylin Pharmaceuticals in La Jolla. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1992 at the age of 10. Managing a chronic illness such as diabetes demands 24/7 commitment to one’s own health, and finding support in your community is essential to winning this daily battle.

I have developed a “diabetes support network” for myself here in San Diego by doing public speaking, working with local advocacy groups and joining the diabetes blogging community.

I have a Web site about my life with diabetes at

My 16 years with this disease have had ups and downs, but I have always found hope and support in the American Diabetes Association. A longtime participant of its local events, I was excited to officially join the Tour de Cure Committee two years ago.
Tour has provided an outlet for people with diabetes to rally with their supporters as we drive toward the ultimate goal of the ADA: to cure diabetes. Tour de Cure is not only a fundraising event, but a signal of support to those who struggle with diabetes every day.

This year, I am honored to help pilot the Red Rider program, a new initiative that provides all riders with diabetes with a free jersey that proudly displays “I Ride with Diabetes.” On ride day, we will all be reminded of who we are there for.

The dollars this event raises contribute directly to ADA and government research that strives to improve the lives of people living with diabetes. Tour de Cure is an event where people who have diabetes and people who care about loved ones with the disease can come together in the fight against diabetes.

Together we show support, we raise awareness and we ride toward a cure.

To support the riders, go to