Determining your best breasts size is key to successful breast augmentation plastic surgery


By John G. Apostolides, MD

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most common and frequently requested procedures available today. According to a recent


, 70 percent of American women would prefer larger, rounder breasts. This trend prompts many women to pursue plastic surgery; however, it is important for anyone considering breast enhancement surgery to first determine her

best breasts size

  1. By encouraging patients to take stock of individual aesthetic and lifestyle priorities while simultaneously striving to achieve safe, natural-looking and realistic results a board-certified plastic surgeon can help women pinpoint the breasts size that works for them – and ensure the greatest likelihood for successful breast augmentation surgery.

Why size does matter – and perfection is in the eye of the patient

When a woman decides to undergo breast enhancement surgery, the first step is to determine what size and style of implants to use. At this juncture, it is crucial for patients to understand that there is no single “perfect” breasts size: each and every body is different, and in need of different proportions to achieve a truly balanced, naturally beautiful look. Rather than basing the decision on cup size alone, women might wish to consider the lifestyle, aesthetic and health factors involved in their decision. For example, physically active women may feel weighted down by larger, heavier implants, while petite or very slender women may wish for a subtler enhancement to their figures to maintain a natural silhouette. In addition, larger implants can increase the risk for certain health complications associated with breast augmentation surgery, making health concerns a critical factor for some patients.

Once the patient has a general idea of her ideal breasts size, consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon is the next step towards making her dream physique a reality. By discussing considerations such as health history, individual anatomy (build, body shape, weight, height and other issues like sagging or excess skin) and the overall impression that each patient is striving for, surgeons can assist with the technical details of dimension planning and help make a final implant choice that is at once aesthetically appropriate, safe and suited to the individual.

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