Design Ideas for Today and Tomorrow


Most of the time, trends are a result of what has been popular today and yesterday, but we wanted to take a look at what design ideas are not only popular today, but will continue to grow in the future. The National Association of Home Builders recently announced their awards for innovative and creative designs for builders, remodelers, architects, developers, and interior designers across the nation.

In looking at the winners and all that was submitted, here are some of the trends that builders and designers see as the future in home design and remodeling:

1. White kitchens

The white-on-white kitchen continues to be popular in all types of styles, from modern to traditional. White cabinets with white counter tops and a white back splash offer a clean, simple look that more and more homeowners are falling in love with.

2. Double islands

The efficient use of space and multi-functionality of a double island is another kitchen trend that designers are seeing more and more of. Many times, one island may be used for cooking and preparing while the second island is a place for serving and dining. And depending on the space you’re working with, these islands can be either back-to-back or side-by-side.

3. Combining materials

It appears that gone are the days where you had to decide to either go with natural materials (wood, stone) or more modern elements (steel, glass). Many homeowners and designers are now combining these materials and textures for new modern-traditional looks.

4. Spa bathrooms

The trend in thinking of your bathroom more as a spa than a utility room is continuing to grow. Homeowners are splurging for things like luxurious vanities, modern rain showers, and the newest trend: centered bathtubs. Bathtubs are being pulled away from walls and corners and put in the center of the room like an art sculpture.

5. Escape rooms

Whether it’s a man-cave, a game room, or a home theater, rooms dedicated to fun, relaxation, and family-time are becoming more and more popular. Families are realizing that you don’t have to go out to have a good time.

6. Bars and wine rooms

Likewise, wine rooms and bars are becoming increasingly more popular and are no longer only for the wealthy or for wine connoisseurs. Even if you don’t have the space to dedicate an entire room, wet-bar nooks and decorative wine racks can still add style to a room and promote the idea of relaxation and entertaining with friends and family.

7. Outdoor rooms

Pools, lawns and expansive backyards aren’t the only way to enjoy the outdoors anymore. Many homeowners are finding more creative ways to incorporate indoor-outdoor living spaces: rooftop landscaping, screened in rooms, or even foldable walls can all be utilized to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors with the convenience of being indoors.

8. Smaller entryways

Large entries used to be popular to make a grand statement as you enter the house. But more and more, we are seeing large pivoting doors that enter into the main living space. Maybe homeowners are wanting to use that extra square footage to take advantage of some of the other design ideas above.

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