Del Mar beachwear store opens in La Jolla

The Jewel has a new setting in its crown in the downtown Village.

San Diego Beachwear, which started out in Del Mar, has drifted down the coast and set up shop at 7854 Girard Ave.

The ladie’s aparrel store has all the latest in swimsuits, hats, bags and apparel accessories.

Open just a couple months in La Jolla, owner Tammy Bednarz talked about why her boutique is a cut above the rest.

“We try to hit all age levels,” noted Bednarz. “We get the younger women who like the Brazilian styles, but we also get the older clientele. We carry a little bit of a mix, merchandise for both young and old.”

Several shoppers walked in to browse at Bednarz’s boutique while she walked about her shop highlighting what she had to sell.

In the rear of the store is a collection of swank beach hats. “Women love the hats here,” said Bednarz, singling out one popular style, a colorful Mexico crazy hat. Noting her hats are as functional as they are stylish, Bednarz added they also can be worn for special occasions. “During (Del Mar) race season, a lot of women will buy them because they can wear them again,” she said about the beach hats, which retail in the $25 to $45 range. Hats include models which wrap and fold, making them easy to carry and store.

Another big seller at San Diego Beachwear is totally totable, functional beach bags. “They can be used for travel, too,” said Bednarz. “We get a lot of women who are going on their trips, and they’re always looking for a bag to take home with them with a zipper on it.”

Another popular boutique item is Haviana sandals. They often come with little embellishments, like ‘60s peace signs that Bednarz noted are “a really hot trend this season.”

But of course, swimsuits are the order of the day and they are priced from $60 to $250.

Many swimsuit styles are adorned with catchy ornamentation. “Clients not only go for the color but they will go for the beading, the embellishments,” pointed out Bednarz. “Younger women tend to go with less coverage, Brazilian bottoms. The older, more sophisticated clientele usually want more coverage.”

The boutique also carries merchandise for girls and teens.

Swimwear is sold year-round at the boutique, but the summer season between Memorial and Labor days is peak. The rest of the year, the boutique sells more of its sportswear lines, including trendy jeans styles.

Bednarz started out out in swimwear retail as a clerk. But the business just grew on her. “It’s a very fun and upbeat business to be in,” she said. “I love it, which is probably why I’ve been in it for so long. You just have to be willing to be flexibile and work the long hours, seven days a week.”

Call the La Jolla boutique at (858) 454-3337 or visit