Creative Ways to Finance Your Child’s Orthodontics Without Using Credit Cards

Orthodontics in Carmel Valley

By Dr. Robert Sunstein, The Sunny Smile Specialist

When it comes to your child’s confidence, nothing speaks louder than a beautiful, straight smile. And it goes without saying that your child can have an attractive smile well into adulthood with the use of orthodontic braces. But as many parents can attest, finding a way to finance your child’s braces can prove challenging as funds become tighter with today’s tough economy.

Instead of using traditional credit cards to finance orthodontics, here are some creative alternatives when it comes to paying for your child’s braces.


What better way to pay for family orthodontics than with a tax refund? With tax season under full swing, you can use any incoming funds to pay for an orthodontic plan in full, avoiding finance charges and interest or penalties commonly associated with the use of credit cards.


A health savings account, or an HSA, is an excellent way to use your tax-free money on important health-related expenses like braces. A health savings account acts as an alternative or supplement to traditional health insurance. With an HSA, you can put aside money each month to use for medical expenses including orthodontics.

You can use your HSA at your discretion as long as it’s medically-related without having to check in with a third party or health insurer. To use your HSA to finance your child’s orthodontics, simply visit our office in La Jolla or Carmel Valley and we will bill the account on your behalf. It’s easy and one of the best ways to finance your child’s orthodontics without the high interest charges associated with credit cards.


For families without an HSA or tax refund should consider our in-office financing. Whether you choose our La Jolla or Carmel Valley office, your child’s orthodontics can be fully financed with our affordable full-funding solutions. Many of our plans offer low- to no-interest rates for a payment that’s just right for your family.

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