Creative photos of La Jolla’s Riford Library are focus of new exhibit


By Will Bowen

A camera in the library is about as odd as a bowler hat in a bowling alley. Nevertheless, The Friends of the La Jolla Library have been encouraging patrons to bring their cameras to the library and shoot pictures, which they could then enter for free in the library’s “One Subject Photo Show” competition.

Sixteen people — nine women and seven men — took up the challenge and collectively submitted more than 60 artistic photographs for the competition, which aimed to determine, according to Arlene Powers, chair of the library’s Art Committee, “How photographers see our library, so as to create some new and wonderful views of the library and show us its art.”

Thirty-two photographs were selected for the public exhibition through Aug. 10 in the library’s new art gallery. The selected photographs consist of about an equal mix of color and black & white shots, with some interesting examples of tinting and the use of Photoshop mixed in.

The photographs depict children or adults with children, solitary readers perusing a book in quiet, books on the shelf, peeks through the stacks, collages, and views of the numerous sculptures in the library, as well as the library’s walls, staircases, and fixtures. Many of the best focus on the geometric features of the skyline or the ceiling of the library or look down a tall staircase.

No awards will be given out because the library would like to emphasize the spirit of cooperation rather than competition. Just to be included in the exhibition is considered to be an honor in itself.

All of the photographs will be framed and for sale, with a price range of from $50 to $500. The library will receive a 20-percent commission on all of the works sold.

Viewing this show is sure to open eyes to all the beauty and intricacies that exist, both inside the library and out. One is sure to want to explore all the nooks and crannies and other wonders the library has to offer.

If you go

What: “One Subject Photo Show”

Where: Riford Library, 7555 Draper Ave,

When: Library hours, Now-Aug. 10 Contact: (858) 552-1657