CPA election challenge nixed

The La Jolla Community Planning Association Elections Committee, at an open meeting held April 1, voted to recommend that the March 6 election results be upheld and two challenges denied. The CPA ratified the decision at its April 3 meeting, seating all elected candidates.

The election was challenged by Phil Merten and Alice Perricone, citing violation of by-laws and City Council policy by the distribution of “slates” via e-mail and by hand, as well as violation of the prescribed 200-foot boundary required for individuals distributing material.

Lance Peto, elections committee chairperson, said the committee found the alleged “slates” to be simply lists of recommended candidates and that the committee had made a good-faith effort to enforce an appropriate boundary for those distributing handouts the day of the election.

“While I understand what the issues are that the two complainants brought forward, I can’t find in favor of invalidating the election,” said CPA trustee and elections committee member Darcy Ashley. “What happened is not sufficient to invalidate it.”

The trustees include Dave Abrams, Darcy Ashley, John Berol, Tony Crisafi, Jim Fitzgerald, Orrin Gabsch, Tim Golba, Joe LaCava, Sherri Lightner, Dave Little, Tim Lucas, Phil McConkey, Paul Metcalf, Mike Morton, Alice Perricone, Lance Peto, Glen Rasmussen and Ray Weiss.

The 2008 officers are Tim Golba, president; Joe LaCava, vice president; Darcy Ashley, secretary; and Jim Fitzgerald, treasurer.