Course of the Force set to run through La Jolla


In less than a month, don’t be surprised if you see a slew of wannabe Jedis running through La Jolla.

Course of the Force will make its debut on July 7 and will pass through La Jolla heading south on Torrey Pines Road on Tuesday, July 10.

Lucasfilm Ltd., Nerdist Industries, Octagon and Machinima have teamed up to present Course of the Force, an Olympic-style lightsaber relay, where participants will make the journey from Santa Monica to San Diego while benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

At quarter-mile markers (much less than 12 parsecs), participants will hand off the

official Course of the Force lightsaber to the next runner as he or she begins their leg of the journey. Course of the Force will take place in the days leading up to the annual San Diego Comic-Con International.

Nerdist Industries’ founder Chris Hardwick and co-hosts will follow the action from the Course of the Force lead vehicle each day, broadcasting live to the Nerdist platform, including its YouTube channel.

As the Course makes its stops along the California coast, Star Wars-themed parties, contests and live Nerdist shows will cap off each day for fans to enjoy.

A replica of Jabba the Hutt’s sail barge on a flatbed truck will serve as the lead vehicle in the epic journey.

The event will begin July 7 at the Santa Monica Pier and end Wednesday, July 12 at Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach.

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