County offers water safety tips for restaurants, markets

County Environmental Health officials issued the following information Sunday afternoon for restaurants and markets that in the areas where boil-water advisories had been in effect:

• “Run all faucets for 3 to 5 minutes to flush the lines with safe water before use. Include all faucets located in restrooms, kitchens, waiter stations and drinking fountains.

• “Flush lines and sanitize all ice machines, coffee machines, post-mix machines and fountain machines.

• “Clean and sanitize all fixtures, sinks and equipment connected to water supply lines.

• “Before resuming use, follow the manufacturer’s recommended procedures for disinfecting water softeners and filters. Also follow the manufacturer’s recommended procedures for replacing all water filters, such as carbon filters or the carbon media in filters, and for replacing the media in small filters on ice machines, water treatment systems and beverage vending machines.

• “Rewash and sanitize all dishes, multi-use utensils and work areas. Businesses should also follow these food safety procedures:

• “Discard food potentially contaminated prior to the boil water notice. These foods may include prepared, ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables or foods combined with raw fruits and vegetables that may have been washed with contaminated water.

• “Foods or dishes with ice or water added as an ingredient or part of a cooling process.

• “Beverages made with water from the water supply system such as juices, iced tea and coffee.”

Detailed guidelines on these procedures can be found at