Councilwoman’s View: It’s nice to see our neighbors working together



In this challenging economy, I’m glad neighbors are working together on so many projects. I’ve had the privilege of participating in several events recently, including the La Jolla Half Marathon on April 26.

I especially want to thank all of you who have worked for almost a year to design and fund the new Kellogg Park playground equipment in La Jolla Shores, and the 300 volunteers who have partially installed the equipment. After much effort, the playground will soon reopen for children and families to enjoy.

We’ve also worked with our neighbors in the northern part of the district to implement several traffic-calming measures, including a longer passenger loading zone, warning signs, and separate parking and travel lanes to improve safety for children near one of the schools.

As we progress through budget deliberations, I have worked hard to improve efficiencies and to keep police and fire rescue, libraries, park and recreation centers, and pothole repair among our top priorities. I reduced my staff budget by 12 percent in December when I assumed office and have cut an additional 6 percent for next year’s budget, even though my staff works well in excess of 50 hours each week.

The city has declared a mandatory Level 2 Drought Alert. I’m interested in your ideas for equitably reducing water consumption. On June 1 mandatory water restrictions will start. For more information on the restrictions, please visit

, or join us for a Water Department briefing (details are on the Web site).

Please contact our office if you have questions, ideas, or if we can help, (619) 236-6611 or


Sherri Lightner is the councilwoman for the First District.