Council to consider competitive bid plan for street work

City News Service

A plan to open city street and sidewalk maintenance functions to competitive bidding will involve only routine work, not major road repairs, according to documents available online Friday.

Under the plan by Mayor Jerry Sanders, private companies and employees in street and sidewalk maintenance would be invited to bid on certain functions, thereby saving money for the city’s cash-starved budget.

His managed competition’’ process already is underway for a few San Diego divisions, including the Miramar Landfill. Publishing was the first city department to complete the bidding process and the bid was won by its employees.

The type of work the mayor proposes to put out to bid is scheduled to go before the City Council’s Rules Committee next week.

Among 19 functions identified by the mayor’s office are:

• filling potholes,

• minor asphalt repair,

• sidewalk tripping hazards,

• maintenance of traffic lane markers and re-striping, graffiti removal, and

• repainting curbs.

The winning bidder also would be responsible for keeping records and providing personnel and equipment during storms or other emergencies.

More extensive types of work are either part of the Public Works Department, so are not part of this bidding process, or are deemed ineligible for managed competition under the City Charter.