Cotton Patch opens in Bird Rock Boll Weevil space

Two Bird Rock businesses that closed in December are making a comeback.

One has come back under a different name, and the other, if it succeeds in returning, will have new owners.

Boll Weevil, which had a restaurant in the Village years ago and reopened at 5721 La Jolla Blvd. on Aug. 1, 2008, was one of six company-owned, family-operated Boll Weevils to close last year after filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Four other Boll Weevils owned by independent franchisees, including one in Clairemont Mesa, remained open.

Now known as the Cotton Patch - the original name of the family-owned burger chain that started 40 years ago - reopened last week in the home of the former Bird Rock Boll Weevil.

The owner of the business could not be reached for comment.

John M. Foley, a business broker with BTI Group, a mergers and acquisitions firm in Roseville, said Bully’s, a Bird Rock institution that closed after nearly 42 years, which has been up for sale, now has two accepted offers.

“One version would have the buyer use the Bully’s name and license agreement,” he said. “With the other version, someone would come in and rename it. We want someone to be successful, whatever it is.”

Foley said escrow could close on the former Bird Rock Bully’s by the end of summer.