Corrigan tops at La Jolla Prudential

Susana Corrigan was recently named the No. 1 agent for La Jolla Prudential California Realty. While the recognition she has received in her 28-year real estate career is rewarding, Corrigan says, “I adore the business — the houses, the deals — but above all, I cherish the people with whom I work.”

Notable clients she has worked with include former Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer, former Chargers assistant Wade Phillips — now head coach of the Dallas Cowboys — and author Anne Rice.

“It was an honor to work with Anne Rice, who has tremendous wit, intelligence, grace and elegance,” Corrigan said.

“My dealings with Marty Schottenheimer were an absolute joy,” Corrigan continued. “He has a huge presence and an open friendliness, very down to earth. When I showed his wife, Pat, a home on Prestwick Drive, she called Marty and they made an immediate decision to buy it. It didn’t hurt that the view was to die for.”

Corrigan’s first sale in the early ‘80s was a house on Via Casa Alta. It sold for almost $1.2 million to a Mexican national who had her knock on the door and offer all cash and a four-day escrow. Corrigan said she was so new to the business that she thought that this was normal.

Corrigan graduated from UCSD with a degree in urban and rural studies and had a dream to help plan cities. She credits this background and her love of architecture as an essential backdrop to her successful career.

She has sold several La Jolla properties multiple times, including a house on La Jolla Rancho Road four times over the last 20 years. The last time she sold it, the seller had passed away and had her in his will as the listing agent.

Corrigan has even represented property with spirits. She sold a 1920s Spanish estate in Point Loma that was reported to have a ghost in residence. After consulting with attorneys, the disclosure statement included “a friendly spiritual presence.”

The house sold immediately; the buyer was a longtime Point Loma resident who knew the story of the ghost who presented himself with his top hat pining after his long-lost love who lived in this home.