Contemplate new ways to take care of La Jolla


Each month as I prepare the planning group’s agenda I weigh our obligation to review private development applications against the need for discussion of broader community issues. And each month I lament that we don’t have time to take care of ourselves.

When do we find the time to comment on city hall actions that affect our quality of life? When do we discuss issues and build community consensus on solutions? When do we find time for action? Mundane issues such as capital improvement projects, developer impact fees, fire hazards, communitywide traffic solutions, etc. are hardly grist for engaging community discussion. But discuss we must. Last week’s CPA agenda on the city’s FY2010 budget engendered a lively discussion and consensus that making Torrey Pines Road a safer road must be a priority. My article last month triggered a move towards updating zoning regulations. Councilmember Sherri Lightner is organizing two community forums around the seals and the children’s pool.

These are all positive steps, but there is so much more that needs to be done. With the recent wave of turnover in the major La Jolla organizations, it is apparent that the circle of those populating the groups has become increasingly small. While they are all good people that we can respect and should thank for their efforts, I am not so sure that it is good for the community.

Too few people juggling too many balls is a recipe for important issues to be missed or not properly handled. No, this is not another plea for volunteers, although you are always welcome. This is food for thought that there must be a better way for La Jollans to take hold of quality of life issues instead of waiting for city hall. Something for us all to think about.

Joe LaCava is president of the La Jolla Community Planning Association.