Congratulations, Bird Rock

Bird Rock is once again open for business.

Well, it never actually closed, but for a time it was sure hidden behind earth-moving equipment, dust and road barriers.

Now any visitor can get a look at what all that work was for. Simply put, it looks great.

With all the major work now complete on the massive renovation of La Jolla Boulevard, City Council President Scott Peters officially cut a ribbon, July 17 at the annual Taste of Bird Rock celebration, signaling the start of a new era.

Today new businesses are opening, a maintenance assessment district is being put in place to keep things beautiful and lots of great new landscaping is going in. Bird Rock has never been better poised for neighborhood success.

It is appropriate that Peters cut the ribbon. He has been a leader in getting the very best for Bird Rock.

The project’s $5.6 million in funds came from a variety of sources, including a $2 million grant from SANDAG. Peters had a hand in all of it.

But Peters is not the only person to credit for the remarkable work done over the last five years. Improvements to slow traffic and spruce up La Jolla Boulevard came about because Bird Rock community members pushed for them.

To Peters’ credit, he listened to the community and worked for the community in shepherding the project forward.

Today delegations come to Bird Rock from other communities to get ideas on how to do first-class neighborhood and street improvements, and the work has won several prestigious awards.

But the awards and the visits from urban planners, while nice, are small rewards. The true value of these years of work will be felt in the decades ahead, as visitors and residents enjoy what has become one of San Diego’s uniquely beautiful neighborhoods.

Congratulations Bird Rock, you did it.