Community View: Who’s rebuilding the traffic store?


By Michael Ackerman

I have been in practice as a chiropractic physician for about 23 years, the last 12 of which have been here in La Jolla. During this time span, my neighboring business owners and I have patiently weathered the stress of long traffic delays entering into downtown La Jolla--delays especially compounded during our recent several years of roadway and traffic light renovations.

I’m not so certain, however, that our base of patients, customers and clients have hung in there as patiently with us.

Since these renovations, I have personally noticed that the wait coming into La Jolla has been reduced to some degree. Perhaps adjusting the traffic light at the intersection of Torrey Pines Road and La Jolla Parkway could improve the wait even more by creating a better balance of flow of traffic for those of us coming from Interstate 5 versus those of us coming from North Torrey Pines.

Currently, the wait is still much longer on the La Jolla Parkway side.

But my present concern is regarding the recent further aggravation of traffic delays we’ve experienced, especially during the last four weeks, due to intermittent road construction on Torrey Pines, near Prospect.

With no forewarning, on many days we have encountered half-hour or more wait times coming into La Jolla, and several of my patients have expressed great upset about their excessive commute--some of whom turned back and completely had to miss their appointments.

I see no reason why this road construction can’t be scheduled outside of our community business hours. It is an unnecessary disruption to the combined best efforts of the working professionals, merchants and businesses of La Jolla in the midst of our already strained financial climate.

Please let us know how to contact the appropriate government agencies, politicians and local organizations that might have the ability to change the parameters around which roadblocks and construction permits are issued.

I can’t imagine anyone who works or does business in La Jolla who has not been stressed and adversely affected by these recurring traffic issues and severe delays.