Community View: Synch and swim

By Egon Kafka

La Jolla Village Lodge

Looting and rioting in England. Revolution and civilian massacres in Libya and Syria. Northern European countries itching to secede from the Union in order to effect an efficient Eurozone workout. Emerging elements of the third millennium, the tech revolution and global trade are flowering and festering into a glorious, yet tawdry and tremulous new modern age.

The San Diego redistricting process rumbles along, on a bumpy road whose hopeful terminus is a place of constructive representation free of gerrymandering. Bumpy roads are literally par for the course. Our lovely community is faced with macro-economic uncertainty and unprecedented financial weakness at the levels of federal, state and local governments.

As the world seems to be falling apart, La Jolla is showing signs of coming together. Tuning up at the music festival, jitterbugging at concerts in the park, wading with friendly sharks, going on picnics, cycling, swimming, surfing, toasting the green flash at a coastal cookout all tend to evoke happy days and a sunny atmosphere. This summer’s cycle of community cultural events, fine weather and even finer civic meetings is bringing new encouragement and hope to the heart of this volunteer.

Assisted by Maryam Baksh and a busy board of directors, the La Jolla Village Merchants Association’s new executive director, Rosemary Murrieta, is directing the organization along the lines of success and true community sustainability under the catchphrase “Bring the Village back to La Jolla.” In addition to creating special events and methodically attracting and supporting healthy new businesses, the group is building a new website and bringing friendly, beautiful, posh green village branding to a hopeful new La Jolla generation. The group is resolutely pursuing community partnerships, infrastructure improvements, beautification, and a sweeping new set of green initiatives aimed at further developing La Jolla as a uniquely pleasing, healthy, friendly, fascinating, fashionable, fun and sustainable community.

The venerable La Jolla Town Council (60 years old this year) is tasked with the mission to be a unifying voice for La Jolla. Working with dedicated trustees, newly appointed Executive Director Valerie Strocco is boosting morale all around, creating and anchoring successful initiatives and coordinating steady flight for the Town Council as it laboriously lurches back towards financial solvency.

In both organizations, a fine cast and crew of hardworking employees, volunteer citizens, trustees and directors is increasingly evolving into a vital, dynamic and demographically representative gang of La Jollans all working together, pooling and pulling together, synch and swim.