Community View: Let La Jollans decide what they need

By Joe LaCava

Bird Rock resident

In response to Mr. Edwards’s thoughtful and informative piece published online last week I want to thank him for his passion, his energy and his unrelenting cheerleading of business improvement districts and the BID Councils. But now I follow his lead by asking him to step back and allow La Jollans, and La Jollans alone, to determine the fate of their district. La Jolla’s needs come first, the BID Council can wait.

I too have found Mr. Wildman’s rhetoric decidedly unhelpful, but I defend his right to be part of the process and the conversation. The process must steadfastly be all inclusive whether we agree with any participant’s opinion or not. Let La Jolla merchants choose who should or should not be part of the process and the leadership of their district.

We owe Councilmember Lightner a debt of gratitude for getting the ball rolling at the recent meeting she hosted.

Mike McLaughlin, the current cheerleader, is getting the word out, meeting with as many merchants as possible and offering guidance towards next steps. However, it is critically important as he continues his good work that he be accountable to the merchants and to no one else.

While Mr. Edwards is only proud of 16 districts, I am personally proud of the 17th — La Jolla. Except for the circumstances of the past couple of years, the district has an enviable tradition of success in serving the merchants and La Jolla. Did they make every merchant and every La Jollan happy? No, but there can be no argument of their accomplishments and how hard they worked on behalf of the Village.

I am not a member of the BID, but I am a La Jolla resident that recognizes that a vibrant Village filled with successful merchants makes for a better La Jolla as a whole. I urge all La Jollans to shop locally. When you do, encourage merchants, restaurateurs, and hoteliers to join in and be a part of the resurgence of the business district and get involved with leadership of the district.

The La Jolla BID, the Village, and ultimately La Jolla will be a better place when we La Jollans step up and take responsibility for our community.