Community view: It’s time for parents to pay attention


By Judy Halter

Call it hope or blind optimism, but these times present opportunities, and one of them is to pay strict attention to our future, which is our children. They are the ones that will need to be equipped with the utmost skills to make contributions to society.

What they need though now more than ever, when times seem so tenuous, is their parents. It is all about YOU!

Our schools have great teachers, but they need help from truly the most important part of the equation - the parents. They need your time at the dinner table with your kids and your time at the schools.

I would like to propose a mandatory volunteer commitment in the public schools of 10 hours per family. This commitment will create the second most important ingredient in a school - community.

If you are already engaged like many I know - BRAVO - keep going, we need you. If you are tired, worn down and think it doesn’t matter - you have plenty of company and we need you.

The line “it takes a village” is very true, and we are fortunate enough to live in probably the most pristine village in our country. However, this village needs its roots and parents to engage in their schools.

What can you do?

  • Try to have dinner with your children as a family as much as possible. You are far more important than any coach, TV, or video game and they need you.
  • Volunteer in the schools. Oh, yes, it can be very boring - the stakes are high and the children need us.
  • Give what you can financially to support the academic needs of the school - this is where it is going to truly make a difference in their future.
No parent is perfect, and we will forever make mistakes, but most parents want the very best for their children. And 99 percent of the time, the very best is you - in their lives and in their schools.

Judy Halter is a La Jolla parent.