Community View: Accept Pool’s changes and move on

By Peter Fraser

Robert Johnson’s letter is most intriguing. I am glad to read that sea lions have moved into the Cove area, and I strongly support any effort to preserve their natural right to their chosen home.

Please concentrate your efforts there, and the seal people will concentrate on the Pool. I am willing to sponsor a pre-emptive seal attack on your sea lions in defense of the seals’ territory.

Nature is finally fighting back against the ravages of extermination practiced by humankind for so long.

The real problem is that most of the anti-sealers who want the Children’s Pool restored to the 1931 conditions seem to be the elderly who may have personal memories frozen in time or a later generation subjected to repeated tales of a past glorious era. The hitch is they want “the city” (ALL the taxpayers) to carry the load.

I am sure that most of the children who would have actual practical access to the Pool live within a very short distance of it anyway. It is possible that many have pools in their own back yards, and prefer the active waters available on the shore for their beach experience. I have seen many children satisfied to look at the seals. I have never heard one whine that they wanted to swim in the Pool.

Nothing is the same today as it was eight decades ago, nor will it ever be. All the “restorers” have to do is reflect on their personal lives and possessions and take a look into the nearest mirror. Change is everywhere, and it must be recognized. Let’s all accept the facts and move on.

Peter Fraser is a La Jolla resident.