Community showing some cracks


From our “ivory tower” on Pearl Street, we see lots of action, ranging from the homeless congregating across the street to the medics rushing to yet another call. And some days we watch as pedestrians try to avoid the flooded corners when a sudden downpour hits or navigate their way along the cracked streets and sidewalks.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we watched as one of our own left the office to go to the emergency room after she fell on the deteriorating Cuvier Street. She’s OK, but it was a scary moment and one that likely is repeated fairly often around our fair community.

Just how often, we don’t know. (The city apparently doesn’t track claims or lawsuits in a way that can give us any relevant data.)

The condition of our streets isn’t getting any better and likely won’t any time soon.

We don’t have trash cans on the beaches and have fire rings only because someone anted up to cover the cost for 18 months. How many cut feet will lifeguards treat this summer - if we have enough lifeguards for all of the stations?

We’ve got potholes growing by the day on La Jolla Parkway that cause motorists to swerve at the height of rush hour. How many claims does the city have for flat tires or damaged shock absorbers? When will there be a crash that causes serious injury?

Some residents have already volunteered to tend to trash cans near their homes, and leaders of our community organizations are talking about how to work together to fill some of the city’s gaps.

The Bird Rock community stepped up and took on an assessment that led to the roundabouts to reduce traffic concerns when the city didn’t have the money.

Friends of Kellogg Park are raising funds to replace and maintain playground equipment that the city couldn’t afford to replace.

We all want clean, safe communities, and we’re willing to make a bet that there are more people out there who want to help. The City Council and city attorney need to start talking seriously about how to accommodate and protect people who want to volunteer to fill the gaps.