Community leader’s view: Wondering aloud about reactions to jet crash

B Lawrence M. Ludlow

Ever since the F/A-18 Hornet crash Dec. 8, I’ve been struck by two phenomena. First was Dong Yoon’s reaction to his family’s destruction: “Please pray for him (the pilot) not to suffer from this accident. I know he’s one of our treasures for the country ...”

This is the automatic repetition of a political slogan lifted from the stream of propaganda that has been pounded into our heads for years. It shows that Yoon suffers from a case of government-induced Stockholm syndrome - a transformation in which victims sympathize with their abusers.

In George Orwell’s novel, “1984,” it was called “doublethink,” and some just call it the “Big Lie.” It shows that the victims of the welfare-warfare state are unable to view the government as their true enemy, regardless of the toll in lives and treasure.

I also was stunned that hundreds of San Diegans expressed alarm for their safety. Where were they when the civilian body count in Afghanistan exceeded 30,000? It ranges between 100,000 and 1 million in Iraq.

In Vietnam, it was 2 million. If “collateral damage” is just dandy halfway around the world, why can’t we cough up our fair share? And if Afghani wedding party celebrants must die because a few people supported the 9/11 terrorists, remember that some of them trained right here in San Diego.

Why not wipe out the surfers, too?

And Obama is no solution. He supported Patriot Act 2, Iraq war funding, escalation in Afghanistan, telecom spying, shielding U.S. torturers, and has threatened Iran. He has even abandoned his promise to bring the troops back from Iraq - claiming we must leave 50,000 there indefinitely.

Jet crashes? Get used to it; the politicians in Washington, D.C., already are. We are the “collateral damage” now, suckers.

Lawrence M. Ludlow is a University City resident.