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La Jolla’s new website is under construction and is expected to go live in early December. This site will provide an opportunity for all those who love La Jolla to actively participate and contribute to shaping the future of our community.

If you have any pictures or video of the community, insights into its character and stories of the past or ideas for the future, please contact us at


Many residents are voicing concerns that our streetscape has deteriorated considerably over the last five years and it is about time someone did something about it. Unfortunately, the City of San Diego has been cutting back on services due to the state of its finances. It is unlikely to do more than emergency fixes or deal with safety issues.

Our sidewalks, in some places, are such a safety hazard that people are regularly tripping and falling. A serious injury will occur unless the hazards are fixed. The city needs to be aware that these hazards could lead to lawsuits and a larger financial cost. It makes better financial and political sense to proactively fix the problems. Sidewalk curbs are crumbling away in places and the paint for delineating parking restrictions is hardly visible.

We recommend that all storefronts be swept clean by the occupant of the store once a week to aid in cleaning up the sidewalks and then report any dangerous trip hazards or crumbling curbs noticed directly to the city, (619) 236-6611,



There is good news. Most of the streetlights on Wall and Girard are now working. The last two poles are being connected. A survey is being conducted of all lighting problems and the city is being informed.

Concerned citizens are offering donations and time to help with some of the beatification issues; to contribute please contact us at

Many retail stores are vacant and our desire is to get them filled with quality merchants as soon as possible. The La Jolla Village Merchant Association is offering to facilitate the formation of a task force made up of property owners and Realtors wishing to join together to tackle this problem — contact


In the meantime the black holes of empty windows staring at out us from the empty spaces can be fixed. The La Jolla Village Merchants Association will help landlords put artwork or images of La Jolla in the windows.

The summer is officially over but there is still much to look forward to in La Jolla. For information on current events contact