Community Leader’s View: PLJ is facing its challenges head-on



Promote La Jolla faces challenges. Still, that light at the end of the tunnel is an opportunity, not an oncoming train. Fear not: PLJ is neither fragmented nor stagnated nor without direction. PLJ may be financially down, but we are not out. We just have a problem to solve. It is not solved by assigning of blame to people who kept PLJ so strong for so many years.

In the past people set a goal, threw money into a pot and used the money to accomplish the goal. Nowadays, it can be frustrating for unpaid community leaders to navigate the minefield of government rules and regulations. Despite good intentions and past good works, people are sometimes unfairly criticized or gossiped about.

Everyone, including the city, is acting in good faith to help PLJ. Still, we must know the exact causes and extent of PLJ’s financial difficulties to fix them and prevent them from recurring. Once we are out of our financial doldrums PLJ can more effectively promote Village businesses.

Our PLJ boat is leaking money, the money motor is sputtering and rescue is not imminent. Right now we are working to patch our financial leak as we row. Our friends at the recent Pet Parade have given us a happy example of what Village unity can accomplish on a shoestring.

Kind people continue to help us move ahead with the La Jolla Motor Car Classic and the Gallery & Wine Walk. We all know that if we sink it is everyone’s problem. We continue to pull together as friends and neighbors. Happily, we also know that any crisis that does not end in disaster is an adventure. If you want to be a part of our adventure please join us at 3 on June 10 at the La Jolla Public Library.

Rick Wildman is the president of Promote La Jolla, the Village business improvement district.