Community Leader’s View: Lots going on in The Shores

By Jim Heaton

La Jolla Shores Association has been busy working to improve our community!

Thanks to your generosity, the Kellogg Park Playground will be ready for children of all ages to enjoy by Memorial Day weekend. Help us to begin installing the equipment April 30-May 2 at our “Supervised Community Build.”

Information and sign up is available at

Before the end of the year, we will replace the deteriorating dolphin statues with a life-sized bronze replica of J.J., the baby gray whale rescued by SeaWorld and subsequently released in 1998.

J.J.'s amazing story, as told by her SeaWorld trainers, will be etched in the sea wall that surrounds the playground. We are currently raising funds for this project and certainly would appreciate your support.

After six years, the renovation of the restrooms at Cliffridge Park has received city approval, and construction will begin shortly.

Finally, we would like to welcome two new members to our association. The historic La Jolla Art Association, which was founded in the home of Ellen Browning Scripps in 1918, and the Snow Goose, an antique and interior design entity, have recently moved to The Shores.

With all this going on, you may ask, “Who are the members of LJSA and what to they do?” This may be the best-kept secret in La Jolla. The answer is, everyone who is a resident or business owner in The Shores is automatically a member.

The 35-plus-year-old association’s primary purpose is to watch over community issues as they relate to the protection and enhancement of the unique characteristics of the La Jolla Shores area.

We meet from 7 to 9 p.m. on the second Wednesday of every month at the Scripps Institution .You can view our goals and monthly agenda at our Web site,

Please come join us as we have lots of good things going on and can certainly use your support.

Jim Heaton is chairman of the La Jolla Shores Association