Community Center serves up cooking series

Cookbook author and cooking instructor Phillis Carey’s first class at La Jolla Community Center on July 14 – where participants learned about summertime grilling – sold out right away, thanks in part to Carey’s loyal following from her time at Great News Cooking School.

Phillis Carey makes dessert for the 16 students in the sold-out class at La Jolla Community Center.

Participants got a chance to ask questions, learn about alternatives or substitutions, get visual cues on the cooking process and, best of all, eat. They watched Carey prepare three meat dishes with sides and one dessert, taking notes on the recipes provided.

Students take notes on the provided handouts with recipes and instructions to take home.

Classes will continue with daytime and evening instruction. The next one covers “cool summer sauces on grilled entrees,” 11:30 a.m. Tuesday July 28 at the community center, 6811 La Jolla Blvd. Classes are $49 for members and $54 for non-members.

When grilling a chicken breast, look for the edges to turn slightly white, as Phillis Carey shows, to know when to flip it.
Carey shows how to properly cut a steak. She also shared which steaks to slice before serving or which to leave in tact.
Enthusiastic students fill the sold-out inaugural cooking class with Phillis Carey at the Community Center.