La Jolla Community Center picks Citizen of the Year

The La Jolla Community Center hosted its annual Patron Appreciation Reception on Nov. 7 “to thank all of our long-time members and supporters for all that they do to help us succeed,” said executive director Nancy Walters. Last year, the center initiated a Citizen of the Year award and this year’s award went to City Council President Pro Tem Sherri Lightner in recognition of her service and dedication to the Community Center. Also honored was Ruth Yansick, CEO of the Board of the Community Center, in grateful appreciation of her sustained vision and impactful stewardship.

Sitting: Glen Rasmussen, Eva Dunlap and Nancy Walters. Standing: Tansy Sheehy, Ann Elise Ryder, Cindy Greatrex, Ruth Yansick, Sherri Lightner, Anne Kerr Bache, Dottie Stanley, Jim Poirier and Don Hodges
Ann Elise Ryder, Ruth Yansick and Glen Rasmussen celebrate Yansick’s recognition as CEO of the La Jolla Community Center board.
Carol Papay, Dorothy Conte and Ann Ahern
Carol Doty and Debbie Myers