Commission calls for pay hikes for mayor, council

An analysis by San Diego’s Salary Setting Commission shows Mayor Jerry Sanders should be making more than double his current pay and City Council members should each receive a nearly $100,000 raise, it was reported Wednesday.

However the commission, which is made up of volunteers, is suggesting much smaller pay increases than it deems warranted due to political and economic realities, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

San Diego’s charter requires the commission to make annual recommendations for the salaries of elected officials. The recommendations are then voted on by the council members.

This year, the commission is recommending Sanders and all eight council members each receive a 15 percent salary increase, the Union-Tribune reported.

If Sanders and the council members accept the recommendation, Sanders’ pay would increase from $100,464 to $115,534 and council members’ pay would increase from $75,386 to $86,694, starting July 1, 2011.

Mark McMahon, the commission’s president, noted that San Diego’s elected officials haven’t had a raise since 2003 and that a growing number of city employees — 3,431 — earn more than an individual council member, the Union- Tribune reported.