Combined efforts in LJ’s Village are leading to progress


President of Promote La Jolla

Mark your calendars for Nov. 5, the annual Gallery and Wine Walk, which will be sponsored by most of La Jolla’s leading restaurants and galleries in collaboration with McFarlane Productions, the La Jolla Light and Promote La Jolla. It is always good to take a few moments to celebrate our good fortune that we are so privileged to live and to work in this time and in this place. So please join us.

During times of uncertainty, we must always remain mindful that it is not the critic who counts. If we take a handful of earth that has a diamond in it, should we throw it away because it is not all diamonds? Of course not. Neither should we discard an organization that consists of divergent dedicated people because it is not a perfect organization. Everything is a work in progress. We are working. And we are making progress.

In a literal sense, this is exactly what has continued to happen in our Village during the past year. It is our entire community that has come together to pick up the trash, to water the flower baskets, and to continue our holiday festivities and other events, even without the luxury of the funding we were accustomed to receiving. It is now self-evident that we all accept the proposition that each of us is always responsible for the character that our community projects to the rest of the world.

Now that we have a better understanding of the source and the nature of our past financial distress, we can also better appreciate the fact that the city of San Diego is a real partner with the community of La Jolla. As the result of the city’s enlightened scrutiny of the books, records and practices of our organization, we can all have renewed optimism that we will soon be in a position to proceed with an enhanced business improvement district that can serve as a model for others.

It is good news that the progress we have all made during the past year has come about, not as the result of the work of one person, or even of a small group of people. Rather it has been the result of a conglomeration of the enthusiastic efforts of our elected officials, public servants, our past and present officers and board members, our business people and our good neighbors, and whose common purpose continues to be to ensure that the quality of our deeds is worthy of the unique beauty of the place we are privileged to call home.