Coastwise Capital Group meets needs through customization

An independent money management firm with headquarters in La Jolla, Coastwise Capital Group, LLC, combines the expertise of its professionals with the ability to customize accounts to best meet the need of its clients.

“Most money management firms offer you A, B and C but we work with a client and their circumstances to build a portfolio just for them,” said Scott Kyle, CEO/Chief Investment Officer.

Coastwise offers an array of investment services and account types including individual, retirement, trust, organization accounts and 529 plans. The firm utilizes a combination of stocks, options, ETFs and bonds to achieve each client’s individual financial goals.

The firm’s clientele is as diverse as its offerings.

“We represent everyone from 85-year-old widows to young people in their 30s and everyone in between,” Kyle said. A typical client, he added, a La Jolla family with children that Coastwise helps to manage their children’s college savings plans as well as their parents’ retirement accounts.

Asked what distinguishes his firm, Kyle answered, “We’re just incredibly disciplined about what we do. Our greatest strength is rationality.”

Kyle added Coastwise helps clients avoid making mistakes a lot of investors make. He said that’s done by first educating them about the market and then helping them pick the best money management plan for their needs.

After that, financial success is a matter of getting the client to set a plan and stick to it. “

If it’s a good plan, it’s going to work over time,” said Kyle.

Kyle said another thing distinguishing his money management firm is its commitment to giving back to the community. “We have a college scholarship program, Coastwise Prize, where we give more than $10,000 a year in college scholarships to local high school kids,” he said. “It’s a way to combine an interest and passion in investing with philanthropy.”

Coastwise Capital Group, LLC is at 888 Prospect St., Suite 201.

Call them at (858) 454-6670 or visit