Coastal Commission staff looking at Children’s Pool jurisdiction issue

By Dave Schwab

Staff Writer

The debate over whether the Children’s Pool rope barrier should be up year-round has taken another bounce — this time to the California Coastal Commission.

Lee McEachern, district regulatory supervisor for the San Diego Coastal Commission’s District Office, confirmed Tuesday that the San Diego City Attorney’s office has requested that the state commission’s mapping unit do a boundary determination to establish whether Children’s Pool falls within its purview. He added the staff is working on the request.

It appears that the Coastal Commission’s role may play a part in the San Diego Planning Commission’s next move.

Last week after the city’s planning commission held a public hearing and discussed a judge’s ruling that they should reconsider the matter, they took no action. Following the session, a source said it was uncertain whether the commission would rehear the issue because the California Coastal Commission may have jurisdiction.