Club Altura celebrates its silver


La Jolla ladies are involved in philanthropic causes all around the county, lending their strong financial support and capable volunteer efforts for the good of the community. But sometimes, these dedicated ladies take time off for a dose of fun and friendship.

Twenty-five years ago, a group of local ladies formed a friendship club, called Club Altura. Merle Lotherington, one of the founders, was among the many members in attendance recently when Club Altura celebrated its silver anniversary with a delightful luncheon in La Jolla.

Not everyone expected the club to be around after all these years, but as Lotherington noted, “I’m an optimist. I did expect it to last, and I hope it goes on after I’m dead and gone.”

Some of the long-time members shared amusing anecdotes about the club during the afternoon, and as part of the entertaining program, an ensemble called Past their Prime Time Singers performed a medley of friendship songs.

Among the La Jollans celebrating this milestone were Joan Bowes, Carol Karlovich, Mary Walker, Eileen Pearson, Stevie Herndon, Pat Turner, Joni Levine, Grace Marston, Pat Clark, Alice Geddes, Mollie Haer, Jeannie Holmes, Frances Lolly, Wendy Beauchamp, Olivia Rotert, Sima Foroozen and Cindy Peterson.