Hillary Clinton campaign holds breakfast in La Jolla

About 250 people attend fundraiser for Democratic presidential contender

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton was in La Jolla Friday, Aug. 7 for a fundraising breakfast at the home of Qualcomm co-founder and Clinton supporter Irwin Jacobs and his wife, Joan.

Former Congressmember and La Jolla resident Lynn Schenk and Marcy Krinsk hosted the breakfast, reporting tickets went for $1,000 up to $2,700 (the maximum contribution for an individual donor) for a pre-breakfast VIP “meet and greet.” Schenk said she was happy to have Clinton in San Diego so early in the campaign. Typically the last few days before a political fundraiser Schenk said she’s “frantically calling people to make sure they’re coming” with check in hand, but Clinton’s La Jolla breakfast, which drew more than 250 people, was sold out days before.

“There were a lot of La Jollans — Democrats and Republicans,” Schenk said. “I’ve been doing these things for a long time and would rate it a 10 out of a 10. Everybody was in a great mood.”

Schenk said the former First Lady, U.S. Senator from New York, and Secretary of State spoke for about 45 minutes “without notes, as usual,” touching on “every major domestic policy issue we are facing,” and some foreign policy issues, such as her support for the Iran nuclear deal.

Clinton also touched on Obamacare. “She talked about how good it is, but there obviously are fixes that need to be made and she’s looking to work on that.”

Schenk said Clinton didn’t use the event to take jabs at the Republican presidential contenders who held their first televised debate the evening prior.

“After seeing the 10 men up there (in the Republican debate), it really is wonderful that on the Democratic side we have the most qualified, experienced, thoughtful and clearly nuanced (candidate). … She was warm and genuine and talked about being a grandma and how it changes people.”

The fundraiser was Clinton’s first public appearance in La Jolla since announcing her candidacy in April. Last summer she signed her memoir, “Hard Choices,” at Warwick’s bookstore.