Clinical trials of nail fungus laser treatment indicate high success rates for onychomycosis patients

By Jay S. Berenter, DPM, FACFAS

In previous columns, we have discussed the ease and efficacy with which

nail fungus laser treatment

eradicates toenail fungus, or onychomycosis, in affected patients. Popular interest in such treatments has grown considerably in recent months; and now, researchers at the

Arizona Institute of Footcare Physicians

are conducting a

clinical trial

in which 100 patients will receive laser nail treatment over the course of 27 weeks in order to further solidify research regarding success rates using a so-called cold laser to break down fungal cells. Early studies have shown success rates ranging from 80-90%, with some patients undergoing only a single treatment; and under the care of experienced podiatrist, these innovative laser treatments can eliminate the need for potentially harmful oral fungus medications, as well as unsightly and uncomfortable nails.

Laser treatment for fungal nails using the Cool Touch CT3 Plus Cool Breeze laser works by producing light energy at a temperature that kills toenail fungus. Treatment requirements vary between patients, with some seeing benefiting from only a single treatment and others requiring a series of treatments in order to effectively eradicate the fungal infection; however, the results are dramatic and, as the infected portion of the nail grows out, will ultimately leave patients with whole, clean and healthy nails – no downtime, discomfort or inconvenience required.

Effective fungus treatment with a leading Southern California podiatrist

The Cool Touch CT3 Plus Cool Breeze laser is among the top cutting-edge innovations in the field of podiatry, and represents an unprecedented level of convenience and safety for patients looking to cure unwanted fungal infections. As such, the procedure is often fairly expensive. However, at the San Diego Laser Nail Clinic, we strive to make top quality podiatric care accessible to all our patients: and in keeping with this aim, we price laser nail fungus treatment on a per-nail basis for maximum affordability and customized care. In addition, we offer free consultations to ensure that laser treatment is right for you before you pay a single dime.

Boasting renowned experience and considerable familiarity with the latest in medical technology, the skilled team at the

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